Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Corey Elementary School Rating: 6*

3301-3353 E Iowa Ave, Denver, CO 80210

Surface Rating: 5*(main court)
Surface Rating: 3*(older courts)
5 Fullcourts
Hoops: 15
Nets: 4/15 *metal nets
Lights: No
Comments: Needs a lot of upgrades, had two quality outdoor basketball courts that were ideal for fullcourt games.

Ellis Elementary School Rating: 7*

1651 S Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80222

Surface Rating: 4*
2 Fullcourts
Hoops: 4
Nets: 4/4 metal
Lights: No

Washington Park Rating 6*

1198 E Tennessee Ave

Surface Rating: 3*
Hoops: 3
1 Fullcourt
Nets: 3/3
Comments:Great location, but needs a lot of upgrades, gets busy on week days between 4 and 5 p.m. and on weekends around 12p.m.

McMeen Elementary School Rating: 7 *

1000 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80224

Surface Rating: 4*
Hoops: 4
2 Fullcourts
Nets: 3/4
Lights: No

Friday, June 3, 2011

Whittier School - Rating 2*

2480 Downing Street, Denver, CO

Surface Rating: 2*
Hoops: 3
1 full length court
Nets: 1/3
Lights: No 
Comments: One decent hoop with a net. 
Ok place for some horse or shooting around.
Got yelled at by a bum so that lowered the rating.

Bruce Randolph School Rating: 6*

3955 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80205-3613

Surface Rating: 4*
Hoops: 6
3 Full Length Courts
Nets:  3/6
Lights: No 
Comments: Nice place, smooth cement just missing some nets on a few of the hoops. 

Basketball courts are located towards the back of the school.